Mr. XIE Wenbin Founder/Chairman/ Chief Artistic Designer

      Mr. XIE Wenbin is the Chairman of FivePhilo Group and FivePhilo Garment Co., Ltd. Mr. XIE is the spiritual creator and designer of the brand name FivePhilo.
      Mr. XIE has worked in many well-known large and mid-sized enterprises in China, and multinational companies, in mining, real estate, agriculture, culture, textile and other industries. Since taking on the responsibility of a CEO in 2006, Mr. XIE has enjoyed great success. He is known for uniquely broad visions and strategies for effective development of enterprises; he possesses first-class practice experience in management.In the era of ever upgrading consumer demands, Mr. XIE rarely fails to accurately grasp the future development trend of his industry and the true cravings of consumers.In January, 2016, he created the FivePhilo Group to meet the investment needs of those investors keen on total care of modern consumers. In 2016, the Group acquired an e-commerce company that sells office paper products on Tmall and platforms; the Group adjusted the e-commerce company’s strategies and optimized its management; 6 months down the road, it achieved full and continuous profitability, the first time since the inception of this losing e-commerce company; The Group successfully turned it into the industry flagship and name brand that set the gold standard for high-end high-quality paper products. In May, 2016 Mr. XIE founded the fashion brand FivePhilo, aiming at the high-end fashion market, offering the entire catalogue of children’s fashion products. Mr. XIE has abandoned the pursuit of short-term interests, committed to nurturing a strong brand and long-term, steadfastly profitable enterprises. He has been focusing on talent training, team building and product innovation and striving for the ultimate perfection, all for the sake of creating a truly "unique" presence in fashion and clothing market. Immediately after their introduction in the market, Five Philo fashion products have won the favor of senior critics of fashion industry and enjoyed high recognition of consumers.
      Mr. XIE is well versed in the philosophy of Confucianism and Buddhism, he is an advocate of traditional Chinese culture with Confucianism and Taoism as its core. He persistently practices his philosophy, incorporating virtuous Chinese values and Chinese culture into Five Philo products, services and corporate culture; He has great sense of social responsibility.Encouraged by Mr. XIE’s broad and positive spectrum of spiritual and cultural capacity, upholding the core purposes “to respect the creator and humanity, share vision and share path”, Five Philo people wish to work with the like-minded people in market places, companies, among our clients and society at large, towards building up a nation of great compassionate love and contributing to the great revival of the Chinese people!  

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